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The MinuteHound Biometric Time Clock – A Marvel of Technology

The employee time clock revolutionized how people tracked payroll information in the workplace. In 1888, a man from New York City invented a time clock that accepted heavy paper cards. When the card would hit a contact, a stamping device would place a timestamp on the card telling employers the date and time the card was punched. Employees would do this upon clocking in, going out to breaks, coming back from breaks and leaving the workplace.

Issues with the Employee Time Clock

However, mechanical time clocks were far from being the perfect solution. Record keeping was a complex process, the clocks had many moving parts that constantly had to be replaced, the clock itself would break down, lost time cards were a common occurrence and the system itself relied on an “honor system” that was constantly abused by employees. Employers around the world were demanding a better employee time clock that was not only less prone to breakdown, but also difficult to manipulate.

MinuteHound’s Biometric Employee Time Clock

MinuteHound began development of a new type of employee time clock that catered to employers’ demands. The company used today’s advanced technology to bring the employee time clock to a whole new level. Minutehound had three goals in mind:

  • To combat time theft and buddy punching using biometric scanning technology
  • To save employers money by making record keeping as efficient as possible
  • To allow for easy data access even if the employer is away on vacation
  • To present data in an easy-to-read format

How the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock Works

The MinuteHound employee time clock comes with installation software you can run on any computer in your business. The software runs in the background. Employees place their thumbprint on a small USB device. The scanner comes with a single extension cable and can support up to three extension cables, allowing the scanner to be placed up to 54 feet away from the computer that’s running the software. The employee’s thumbprint data is then converted to raw binary code and transmitted via Internet to a secure cloud server.

Control Access to Stored Data
Fingerprint Attendance

The MinuteHound system allows for quick and easy access to stored data for access by your payroll department. Giving access is as easy as creating a username and password for each employee or. You can even control the amount of access the system should give! Best of all, the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer or wireless device with a wireless signal.

Privacy is MinuteHound’s Primary Concern

MinuteHound Realizes that privacy is a concern for most people. Hackers, corporate spies and identity thieves are a growing threat to any business, and it always pays to be vigilant. MinuteHound wants you to know that your employees’ personal data will never be stored on site or on the servers. Only data relevant to payroll processing is stored on the server, and that is encrypted using the strongest 256-bit encryption available. You won’t need to worry about hackers, corporate spies or identity thieves with the MinuteHound system.

Free Trial
MinuteHound is now giving out free trials of their employee time clock system. The trial period allows your company to use the MinuteHound time clock free of charge for 21 days. This gives you the opportunity to find out for yourself if MinuteHound’s time clock works for your business. To sign up for the free trial, visit the MinuteHound website and fill out the simple form.

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