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Remote Monitoring Software for the Modern Business

Whether you’re involved with a small business or a multinational corporation, keeping track of employees along with the changing needs of your company is a full time job. It would make sense, then, to remove as much complication as possible wherever and whenever you can. For the business that relies on even a modestly sized workforce to maintain day-to-day operations, remote monitoring software might be exactly what you need to remain efficient and unencumbered.

What Is Remote Monitoring Software?
Put simply, remote monitoring software is anything that can do a job that you once had to delegate to a human being. In the case of MinuteHound, that system is a comprehensive suite of employee time tracking software and our accompanying time clock hardware.

Our remote monitoring software frees you from common headaches that you’ve come to associate with traditional timekeeping methods. Instead of working with piles of paperwork and time cards, your employee data is stored digitally in the cloud. What this does is truly put the “remote” in “remote monitoring software.” It means that you’ll retain access to your important company records whether you’re at your place of work or working remotely.

A New Take on Proven Technology
Any workforce that’s paid an hourly wage knows all too well how frustrating using a time clock can be. To that end, we’ve set out to create a time clock that’s not only advanced, but also easy to use. Thanks to advancements in biometric technology, your employees will now be able to clock in with a swipe of their fingerprint. It means less congestion at the time clocks in the morning and evening, and less opportunity for time theft.

Cloud Computing For BusinessWithout a remote monitoring software system, the average company is susceptible to time theft and other errors that could cost thousands of dollars every month. Thanks to biometrics, time theft can be handily eliminated from your workplace.

One of the most useful features of the MinuteHound system is its ability to let you know when employees deviate from their shift. Instead of forcing you to go through stacks of time cards to detect the problem, our remote monitoring software system can alert you when an employee clocks in late, for example. You can choose whether to receive an email or a text, further adding to the flexibility of the system. Quite simply, the system is always working for you – and for only pennies per day.

Remote Monitoring Software- Convenient, Cost Effective, and Proven to Work

The MinuteHound remote monitoring software is not the first of its kind, but we are convinced that it’s the best one on the market today. Give us a call today if you’re ready to take back control over your company’s operations and let your employees concentrate on staying efficient, productive, and most importantly, happy.

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