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Online Time Cards: Convenient, Precise, Secure
We could all use a little more sanity in our lives, most particularly at work. Managers and employees alike have their own specific frustrations throughout the course of an average day, where things don’t move as smoothly as they should, or certain tasks could stand to be simplified just a little bit.

If your company is looking to make a move toward a more simplified work experience, there’s no better place to start than at the time clock. With many workplaces being held hostage by outdated technologies, it pays to keep up with modern technologies that can bring you into modern times.

We’re talking about online time card technology. If you’ve been using the “traditional” paper punch cards at your workplace, the digital version is going to feel like a breath of fresh air. An online time card, unlike its predecessor, doesn’t require any storage space. Perhaps most importantly, it’s also not subject to fraud in the way the paper version is; employees can’t clock in or out for anybody but themselves. If your company has a history of time theft, adopting our online time card might be the most important decision you make.

Here at MinuteHound we specialize in elegant solutions to common workplace problems. Our biometric fingerprint reader is the heir apparent to your company’s aging punch card system. With just the press of their thumb, employees can clock in and out, with their time tracking data sent to their online time card.

Online Time Card- Highly Automated and Cloud Based

When we say that your employee time cards are stored online, what we mean is that we’re using the power of the cloud to keep your company’s important data safe. Your online time card data is stored offsite on a server, thoroughly secured with 128-bit encryption. Neither your employees nor any unscrupulous third parties have access to it. Even so, the cloud based nature of our online time card system makes it easy to access your timekeeping data from just about anywhere in the world.

Online Time CardFurthermore, our online time card system is highly automated. MinuteHound effectively takes the guesswork out of tracking down shift discrepancies. In other words, the system will automatically notify you if an employee deviates from his or her assigned shift. It’s just one more way that MinuteHound is revolutionizing and streamlining the management process.

Companies from across the country and in all types of industries have put their trust in MinuteHound. Stop by our website today to read testimonials and to learn about everything our online time card system has to offer. Remember: we’re so confident in our product that we’ll let you try it risk free. After that, MinuteHound clients are under no obligations: you can cancel anytime, and for any reason.

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