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Browser Based Online Time Sheet

Whether you run a small office or manage a large corporation, keeping track of employee attendance can be a complicated process. Traditional time clocks waste time and are difficult to monitor. An online time sheet on a computer has some advantages, but there is no guarantee that employees are clocking themselves in or being honest about their time. MinuteHound uses finger technology to ensure employees are following proper timekeeping procedures. Discover the advantages of biometric fingerprint technology to learn how it can simplify the online time sheet process.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology

MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology to make an online time sheet secure and accurate. This technology allows employees to clock in using their fingerprint. There a variety of advantages of this time keeping system. Employees will not be able to rely on other associates to clock them in at their scheduled time. Fingerprint technology will also determine if someone is arriving to work late or leaving early. Employees who are not honest about their time are committing fraud and can cost the company to lose money. Fingerprint technology is an accurate and cost effective way to manage an online time sheet.

Cloud Based Software

MinuteHound uses cloud based software to ensure an online time sheet are accurate. This software has the ability to connect a large number of computers to a real time network. This is a great way to manage the online time sheet of an entire staff. Employers will be able to see the exact time workers clock in. This makes it easier to track late attendance and leaving a scheduled shift early.

Live Reporting

A great advantage of MinuteHound’s software is having access to live reporting. Employers will be able to view an online time sheet from any internet connection in the world. They can also receive email and text message notifications when a worker arrives to work late or leave their shift early. This is great for employers who spend a great deal of time away from the office.

Easy To Use Online Time Sheet

Internet Based Time TrackingMinuteHound offers an online time sheet that is easy for employers and employees to use. The plug and play feature eliminates the need for training or guidance. This software can be installed on any computer without the need of technical support. Employees only need to place their finger on a biometric scanner to clock in and out. MinuteHound provides excellent customer service for people needing technical assistance.

MinuteHound offers biometric fingerprint technology to accurately monitor online time sheets of employees. Fingerprint technology makes it impossible for employees to have other associates clock in for them. The cloud based software allows timekeeping to be recorded in real time. The live reporting feature gives employers the freedom to access reports from any computer.

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