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Mary is a senior manager at a top company. She gets into work at 8 a.m. every day to open the office. Her team of about 10 employees arrive at 8:30, but she doesn’t always see them come and go. Mary often is on conference call or in a meeting with other top-level managers. She does not have time to walk down to the third floor and take attendance. But why should she? That does not seem like a healthy way to do business for Mary or her employees.

Well, thanks to MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system, Mary does not have to see her employees to know that they are there. Her company recently implemented MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system, and it’s making all the difference in the world. While Mary is on that conference call or in that meeting, she gets text messages that alert her to the exact time each employee logs in to his or her computer. MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system allows not only Mary to be more efficient at her job, but it allows her employees to learn the value of being on time and taking their job’s seriously.

Whether you are a small business owner or the leader of large corporation, you know that every minute wasted is a minute that costs you. Now, even more than ever, with rising healthcare costs and the general costs of doing business, you need employees that are productive and that you can count on.

That’s where MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system steps in for you! We offer business owners cutting-edge technology that allows you to keep track of your employee’s activity online, monitors their productivity at work and helps to ensure that you are paying them for the work they do on the job for you. You don’t have to worry about purchasing paper timecards or meticulously counting and recounting hours. MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system gives your precise reports of worked hours and helps to ensure your dollars are paying for work that is promoting and furthering your company.

The Personnel Tracking System That Works From Anywhere, Anytime

Our personnel tracking system uses biometric fingerprint technology to track employees. We offer a Cloud-based time clock software that allows you to monitor employee productivity no matter where you are in the world. Your managers get instant updates via email or text messaging when an employee arrives at work so you know without a doubt who was late and who is on time. This kind of information is vital to evaluating your workforce and to determining raises in performance reviews.

Best of all, our personnel tracking system is risk-free. If you do not find our personnel tracking system as efficient and helpful as we think it is, we will refund you without any questions.

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