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Looking for Accurate Payroll Reports?

Each and every business owners needs to not only control their staff, but have accurate and verified time and attendance reports. For business and tax purpose, every minute worked by staff needs to be accounted for. Lost wages, unpaid overtime, and other payroll issues cost American business owners billions every year. Small business can’t afford to make a mistake, which is why so many have decided to use biometric time and attendance. Not only does this prevent time theft and buddy punching, but the most accurate payroll reports a business owner can ask for.

The reports not only report the time worked, but how much of it was regular time, OT, OT1, etc. You can track holiday, sick days, PTO, and any other workplace absence. Time and attendance systems offer different features which is why MinuteHound has the most inclusive, low-cost system available. For just $1.00 per employee per month, the time and attendance system includes every feature the company has to offer. Not only tracking employee but reports, alerts, departments, branches, and much more!

Why Time and Attendance Matters So Much

Employees who do not get paid correctly will not be the best workers! They will not be motivated to work and might even sue. This happens all the time, so time and attendance is paramount. Using a biometric time and attendance system that makes employees physically press their finger to the scanner, verify their identity, then record time is a foolproof method. There is no cheating or any other way to record time other than showing up to work, pressing their finger down, and working their shift. Time and attendance matters and with MinuteHound you will have the best system for an affordable price. Call today and start saving!

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