Seasonal Employees Time and Attendance

How A Biometric Timekeeper Can Work For Seasonal Employees

During the holiday time, many businesses need extra employees along with their regulars. That’s why many business owners and managers choose to hire seasonal workers. For those workers who do a good job, they might get to stay on with the company after the season is over. These busy times are a good time to evaluate seasonal employees to see if they’re dependable and trustworthy.

Finding Trustworthy Employees
Why is the holiday season a good time to find out who is trustworthy? Employees may have to work longer hours and have more demands on their plate. As a result, some may be tempted to try and cheat the time clock or their timesheet. Honest employees will clock in and out exactly when they’re supposed to.

Combating Time Theft Over The Holidays
The holidays are already busy enough without having to deal with time theft, so why add it to your list of problems? There have been many improvements made to timekeeping and many of them are actually more affordable than you might think. Instead of using old-fashioned punch-in cards or even local computer clock-ins, a biometric timekeeper is a better choice to accurately keep employee time and prevent theft.

The Ease Of Setup For A Biometric Time Clock
Biometric timekeepers are no longer expensive like they once were. Even small business owners can afford them now in the current market, and MinuteHound’s time clocks are meant just for them. Seasonal employees can be put in the system easily and removed once the season is over. You can install the software on any machine and don’t need a tech guru to do it.

The New Timekeeper Difference
Manage Staff w/ The Attendance Management ProgramWith the new biometric clock system, you eliminate two common employee cheats. The first cheat is writing in false hours or turning the clock to a different time. The second is arriving late or leaving early but having a friend clock them in, also known as buddy punching. With a biometric timekeeper, employees must use their own fingerprints to clock in and cannot be clocked in by anyone else. All it takes is just touching your finger to the device, and the clock-in and clock-out times are instantly recorded to the cloud.

Subscribing To MinuteHound

It’s easy to get started with MinuteHound, a very affordable and easy-to-setup timekeeping system. The biometric timeclock scanner is the primary way to keep track of seasonal employees hours, but there is also web login system. This system clocks employees in using login credentials, but the clock is cloud-based and there is an IP and timestamp usage to make sure the employee is where they say they are. If you want instant alerts of unauthorized clock-ins or clock-outs, those are also available. If you want to use this new timekeeping system, you should contact MinuteHound today to get started.

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