Payroll Time Tracking – Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Biometric Time Attendance Saves Your Company Money

Businesses are always looking for more reliable methods of payroll time tracking. You may have occasionally heard the word time theft thrown around. Time theft is the act of engaging in any unproductive activities during company time. Many employees are guilty of time theft in one form or another, and dealing with the problem can be difficult. It is estimated that companies lose between $20 million and $50 million each year due to time theft. The most common forms of time theft include:

  • Extended breaks/lunches
  • Taking personal phone calls on company time
  • Buddy punching
  • Time card fraud
  • Using computers for non-business purposes
  • Unapproved overtime

The Problem of Payroll Time Tracking Has a Solution

So how does one perform payroll time tracking reliably? The answer lies encoded within our own DNA. No two individuals will have the same fingerprints. Companies can now track payroll data more effectively and reliably. The idea of using biometrics for payroll time tracking is not new – larger corporations have been using the technology for many years, but modern payroll time tracking systems have been financially out of the reach of smaller businesses – until now.

Biometric Payroll Time Tracking Just Became More Affordable

MinuteHound now provides low-cost payroll time tracking with the same biometric technology used by major corporations. With MinuteHound’s payroll time tracking software, you will be able to:

  • Track time and attendance data for each employee in your business
  • Identify and deal with chronic tardiness
  • Save money on payroll
  • Reduce time theft in the workplace
  • Create detailed time and attendance reports

All Data is Stored on a Secure Server

All employee time and attendance data is stored on a secured cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere using any wireless device. The server allows you complete control over who has access and how much access is given, and can even log activity. This allows you to identify dishonest payroll employees who manipulate their own hours or those of others.

Access Stored Data From Anywhere in the World

Payroll data can be organized according to your needs for easy access. You can access the data from any wireless device (smartphone, tablet or computer) and maintain logs on activity, when the server was accessed and much more. You can even have the system red-flag tardiness so you can keep tabs on who is arriving late to work. Payroll time tracking has never been easier!

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