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All in a Day’s Work – The Payroll Web Clock

In the ever-changing world of business, CEOs are always searching for ways to improve employee performance and productivity. And the only way to be successful is to utilize every angle of modern-day technological advancements. But when organizations try to use old-fashioned time cards, they are literally setting themselves back about 20 years! MinuteHound’s revolutionary payroll web clock bridges the gap between businesses of today and yesterday. Think of it as the best of both worlds-old-fashioned values with modern payroll web clock implementation and strategies.

With the cost of living increasing day by day, it’s understandable that employees and supervisors alike are just plain tired. And unfortunately, there are times when your employees might want to skip out early or not come in all. With traditional time management strategies, time theft happens quite frequently as it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on everyone’s comings and goings.

Innovative Tracking System
With MinuteHound’s biometrics payroll web clock, companies are able to save money and eliminate the headaches often associated with time card reporting. Did you know that inaccurate reporting on time cards equates to approximately 5 percent of payroll costs? With a biometrics payroll web clock, it’s impossible employees to cheat the system. They are only able to be identified by their fingerprints making it impossible to have a buddy clock in for them.

Employees never need to worry about identity theft since all important information is stored securely on an encrypted cloud. With a payroll web clock and attendance management software, those in charge of payroll don’t have to go searching for vital information to have it completed in a timely manner. They simply log on to the cloud and have access to all of the employee’s information including the hours they worked.

The Payroll Web Clock Makes Schedule Enforcement Simplified

With time management programs of before, there is often miscommunication between the employee, HR and supervisors. Somehow, important paper requests always seem to get lost in between the three entities. With a payroll web clock, schedules are able to be modified effortlessly. In addition, once approved, employees can receive verification via email or text message sent directly to their mobile phones.

At this point, those in charge are probably thinking that a payroll web clock with such technological advances must be expensive. A biometrics payroll web clock costs only pennies a day! How’s that for value? Business owners have the piece of mind that they can verify their employees whereabouts at an affordable price. Another great feature of the MinuteHound payroll web clock is that it reports in real time. It’s constantly updating employees’ information and maintains accurate record keeping. Time management made easy!

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