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Traditional Punch Clocks Cost You Money, It’s Time to Start Saving Instead

Your company could be bleeding money right now. Businesses in the United States routinely lose close to $150 Billion each year because of traditional punch clocks and the discrepancies associated with them. How much of that money is coming from your business?

If you are not using a fingerprint scanning technology, such as MinuteHound, you could be losing anywhere from two to eight percent on your payroll. This is due to the inefficiencies associated with traditional punch clocks. How many times have you found that one of your employees has forgotten to clock out on one of those punch clocks? How often does that happen? Well, if it has happened on one occasion or more, your company has lost money.

Time and Attendance Punch Clocks

What our time attendance tracker does that traditional punch clocks do not, is ensure that each employee is accounted for and only gets paid for the time that he or she works. Instead of using traditional punch clocks and cards, MinuteHound requires that each employee physically scans their own fingerprint in order to clock in or out. This ensures that they only get paid for the exact amount of time that they work. This also eliminates another problem associated with average punch clocks – buddy punching. Buddy punching, as you may be aware, is when one employee clocks another employee in our out when that person is not present to do so themselves. It may sound innocent enough, but it is theft, and your business could be paying the price.

With MinuteHound, you do not have to worry about those problems. After the system is set up, each employee has to clock him or herself in, a feature that is certainly not available with average punch clocks. On top of that, this system can be monitored worldwide so that management and other superiors know exactly what is happening, when it is happening. Email and text messages can alert you anytime one of your employees stays late, leaves early, or arrives early, and do not worry, your employee’s information is safely encrypted for both you and their protection.

Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareThe amount of money that you will save on your payroll by investing in this clocking system, instead of traditional punch clocks, is amazing. In fact, a typical business sees an average return on investment of 2,300%! Along with that, MinuteHound is risk free to try at your business, whether that it a small, family run restaurant, or a large manufacturing plant. The only thing that you have to lose by trying this revolutionary system is loss!

Save time and Money with MinuteHound

In short, MinuteHound will save you money; many businesses start earning a return on investment from day one. There is $150 Billion out the door every year in the United States due to traditional punch clock problems. Invest in this system, and take control of your payroll.

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