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Four Main Reasons you will Adore the MinuteHound Punch Clock

One of the most important items in any business is its punch clock system. A punch clock system keeps track of the times that each employee begins and ends a shift of work. Over the years, many establishments have lost money over payroll errors that a high quality punch clock system could have helped to avoid. If you are a business owner, you will love implementing the MinuteHound system into your establishments. The following are four reasons it will be almost an overnight success:

Ease of Use
The MinuteHound punch clock system is easy to use. A biometric finger print scanner and a software program are the main components. The user can connect the scanner to any computer, and the software can run in the background on that computer. No difficult instructions or connections are necessary. The user will simply plug the scanner into a computer and relax. Management can monitor the punch clock activity of all the employees right away.

No More Payroll Problems
Anyone who use this special punch clock system can improve payroll savings. Many businesses suffer when humans make errors in time. For one, no employee can punch in for another employee. The system associates the employee with his or her fingerprint. Therefore, punching in for another person is not possible. The system also helps to combat human error. The fingerprint system is more accurate in recording the exact time a person punches in. The client can save money on mistakes made by people trying to keep time manually. The system also prevents all other types of time theft.

Fair Pricing
Biometrics Stop Fraud and Time TheftThe MinuteHound punch clock program is less expensive than products from other providers. Most providers charge their customers for the equipment, a setup fee, and a monthly fee. MinuteHound offers its punch clock system for only a small portion of what the other providers offer. Additionally, all support and help with the device is free. If a person does not know how to use the system, someone will gladly help.

Remote Monitoring
Administrators can log into the system from any computer at any location. These people are able to see which employees are on the clock at any given time. They will also be able to see who did not show up for work and which people left early or late. This gives the managers the opportunity to adjust scheduling or time as needed.

Any business owner who wants a worry free establishment can make a small investment in the MinuteHound punch clock system. This system gives companies a completely new way to protect themselves from time theft and lost funding from the overpayment for the various payroll discrepancies.

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