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Remote Fingerprint Identification Saves Money and Builds Trust

Businesses lose money and employees are shorted hours every day. People get their friends to punch them in and out on the company time clock. People leave early or come late, and they tell no one. Conversely, some employees also work honest hours and wind up with errors on their paychecks. No one is happy.

MinuteHound has developed an answer to all that. It’s called “Remote Fingerprint Identification,” or RFID for short. An RFID attendance system is completely transparent because employees, managers and team members alike clock in and out with their fingerprints. Even though salaried employees are not paid by the hour, they can prove through the system that they were at work and record their attendance.

RFID Attendance System Is 100% Safe To Use

An RFID attendance system is also totally secure. Because the unit is self-contained and simply connects to a computer’s USB port, no one can tamper with it. No one can steal anyone’s fingerprints because the system does not store them. The system does store, however, the timecard information and does so in the cloud. Managers can access each employee’s attendance information in the RFID attendance system from anywhere they have internet access. Real-time checkups really save money because the managers do not have to go back through reams of paper to find time cheats. All they have to do is log in to the RFID attendance system and look.

The system also has its own internal clock. This simplifies the process because each employee is on a level playing field and does not need to depend on the inaccuracies inherent in a system based on multiple clocks. The RFID system also protects proprietary timecard information by fragmenting the data into four blocks of 128-bit encrypted information that are then sent to four different, secure locations.

RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyThe RFID attendance system is very easy to use and has virtually no learning curve. MinuteHound wants your RFID attendance system to be perfect, though, and provides world-class technical support if something goes wrong, however unlikely that is. The RFID attendance system is also guaranteed for life. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just send it back.

Do More With An RFID Attendance System

We hear you asking “how much will it really save me?” The answer is: between two and eight percent of your total payroll costs. The RFID attendance system will last forever, as lifetime updates are included! The savings will be considerable over time. In hard numbers, a fairly-run-of-the-mill company with 50 employees making $10 an hour spends about a million dollars a year on payroll. Over a ten-year period, the company will save about $800 thousand. The RFID attendance system just makes economic as well as honest sense.

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