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SaaS Time Clock- The Many Advantages of Technology

A SaaS time clock works wonders for businesses both large and small and everything in between. A SaaS time clock, which stands for Software As A Service, basically allows companies to take advantage of powerful useful technology for pennies on the dollar. Using a model such as a SaaS time clock allows a business to use a computer as their all in one solution to manage staff and conduct payroll. Times are always accurate, and cheating is over. All employees are required to scan their finger or thumb to record their time. Welcome to the most efficient and cost effective time and attendance solution on the planet!

Once an account is created with MinuteHound, a fingerprint scanner is mailed to the business. This scanner is the actual physical device that employees will use to clock-in and out of work. It is small, user-friendly, and super durable. It weighs ounces and is the size of a computer mouse. It plugs into any PC for easy operation, with no training of any kind required. Employees simply arrive to work and leave with a simple scan. Same process for breaks. Each fingerprint is broken down into numbers, with prints never being saved or stored. The SaaS time clock is 100% safe to use and information is never at risk.

How The SaaS Time Clock Works

Think of the SaaS time clock as 2 separate entities: the SaaS (software), and then the time clock. The time clock itself is the scanner, which records all the actual punches by employees. Then the SaaS is what really makes this service unique, in the sense that a web browser will become a manager’s best friend! The SaaS time clock makes all offices virtual, being able to log-in and check on staff from any location in the world. Even employees have minimal access to login and view their personal time card. A SaaS time clock makes everyone’s work life easier and accessible.

SaaS Time Clock- Connect From AnywhereWhen it comes time to conduct payroll, all data is available. The SaaS time clock records time live, meaning as soon as an employee clocks-in to work from the location in Pittsburgh, the manager on vacation in San Diego can check on the office from the hotel room. Using a SaaS time clock has many advantages. Reports can be downloaded 24/7 by managers in ASCII, Excel, and PDF formats. These reports are ready for editing/processing at any point.

The SaaS Time Clock Cost and Associated Fees

As noted earlier, the SaaS time clock is 2 separate pieces: the time clock itself costs $99.95. That is a one time fee for the fingerprint scanner, which includes all taxes and shipping. It also includes a lifetime money back guarantee! The SaaS part is a monthly fee, which consists of $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Many large organization take advantage of this cost saving technology, now small business owners can as well. The SaaS time clock and services from MinuteHound are the easiest and smartest investment a company can make. Try it out today!

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