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Antiquity Doesn’t Belong in the Workplace

The timelessness of an antique piece or art or treasure is a visual delight. But like most valuable antiques, they belong put in a safe place only to be admired. A business establishment is not that place. The timekeeping strategies that some businesses still use are also considered antique. As such, this results in an overall lower level of employee satisfaction.

Importance of Accuracy
Regardless which business sector, one the most important elements of success is accuracy of records. When it comes to employee attendance, the web clocks of today are far more efficient than those of yesteryear. Imagine having to trek all the way across the office, warehouse or another type of work environment simply to punch in and out. Not only at the beginning and end of the day, but for lunch breaks too. Not only is this a waste of time, it’s downright aggravating. Employees may begin to feel as if they are on a journey to reach the promise land. And unhappy employees only has one end result-a decrease in productivity and harmony in the workplace.

Accurate record keeping decreases the workload for a company’s HR and Payroll Department. Time is money, and if those responsible are having to sort out time card discrepancies every pay period, it’s like throwing money in the trash can. A web clock increases productivity and helps to recuperate those minutes once lost, again when employees are forced to stop working to clock in and out on time.

Out with the Old and in with the New

Connect To Savings Using BiometricsWith a biometric web clock, corporations are changing the way they “do business.” With accessibility worldwide, supervisors can track employee attendance simply by logging onto their laptops or mobile phones! The automated scheduling system is only one of the unique features MinuteHound’s web clock has to offer. No longer do supervisors needs to track down missing employees. The automated system does it for them. Its ability to generate notifications when employee’s punch in late or decide to sneak out a few minutes early, helps to eliminate any payroll discrepancies often found with traditional time cards.

With a web clock so technologically advanced, one would think it would require lengthy training in order to use it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. MinuteHound’s web clock is user friendly and requires no training. It’s online alert system is so precise, it literally does the work for business owners. Whether punching in or out, MinuteHound’s web clock keeps precise records so business owners don’t need to.

Security Online with a Web Clock

Employees and supervisors alike need not worry about identity theft. With MinuteHound’s web clock, all records are stored safely online in an encrypted cloud. Long gone are the days of having to lock away stacks of outdated time cards in a filing cabinet. An online web clock decreases the risk of identity theft to almost zero.

MinuteHound’s cutting edge technology not only saves companies money, it eases the burden on those in charge of payroll. With modern technology in place, employees are happier, and happy employees equates to higher levels of efficiency.

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