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The Payroll Web Clock of Tomorrow

Businesses are discovering the advantages of using a payroll web clock to keep better track of their employee hours and manage their payroll. Not only are traditional time management systems cumbersome, but they are also subject to human error. With traditional time cards, employees are required to report to a specific location to punch in and punch out. As expected, employees find this quite annoying and an unhappy employee can only equate to one thing–reduced productivity in the workplace. This method is highly susceptible to fraudulent record keeping.

Managing Shift Changes
Transitioning to a payroll web clock offers both employees and supervisors a wide variety benefits. Not only does it simplify the coordination of shifts, but it also eliminates the possibility of miscommunication. A payroll web clock can also be used to set up schedules. The system then sends notifications via email or text message to the employee’s mobile phone when an employee does not adhere to the schedule. You can create as many schedules as you need, no limit!

Eliminating Headaches with Payroll
A payroll web clock can be customized to suit a company’s specifications, business owners are now able to track their employee absences, monitor pay rates and generate payroll reports as needed. In addition, being able to clock in and out effortlessly encourages a positive work environment and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Attendance Accuracy With The Payroll Web Clock

Because of its precise functionality, a payroll web clock makes record keeping easy. Not only does it keep an eye on your employees’ sick days, vacation time, but it also has the capacity to dispense accrued time.

Since a payroll web clock operates in real time, business owners have better control and visibility but without the hassles of old school time management strategies. Bidding farewell to time cards means less possibility of time theft as well. With the innovative technology of a payroll web clock, supervisors are able to log on to any computer, tablet or even mobile phone regardless of their physical location and verify employee attendance.

Cloud Computing For BusinessEmployees are able to verify their attendance on any computer within the workplace when using a payroll web clock. Then, this information is stored online with 128-bit encryption. The payroll web clock has changed the way payroll and human resource departments are doing business. The days of sorting through stacks of inaccurately kept timetables are over. All of the employee information is collected, classified and processed with the the payroll web clock.

With the encrypted online cloud, both of these departments are able to process payroll faster than ever before. Payroll web clocks reduce the uncertainty of the beginnings and ends of shifts, as well as lunch breaks. All in all, payroll web clocks increase productivity and are highly effective at lightening the workload of those who are responsible for accounting and payroll.

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