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Online Time cards Helps Companies Improve Productivity

The use of technology has dramatically enhanced how modern workplaces are run. Technology has been able to improve both productivity and efficiency in management significantly. A major milestone in this field is the use of online timecards which has made the issue of personnel work attendance a breeze. This technological innovation deals conclusively with the issue of punctuality in an effective manner. Moreover, it is a technological innovation that is both practical and cost-effective. It provides a platform where employees can view their online time cards.

This innovation, created by MinuteHound, is a biometric fingerprint reader that incorporates a cloud-based attendance software. Once an employee clocks in/out, reports can be accessed from any location in the world via the internet. It is such a convenient type of technology that makes any company manage the attendance of its employees efficiently. MinuteHound online timecardsoffer the best solution for companies to easily identify their employee’s attendance using data from their biometric fingerprint. Additionally, the online timecards can guarantee the security of the employee’s fingerprint images because it does not store such data.

Online Timecards Offer Multiple Benefits

Companies can greatly benefit from the MinuteHound Time Clock because it is capable of reducing the workload experienced by accounting departments in such companies. It makes the processing of payroll a much easier exercise. The other benefits of the online timecards is no paper/pens to supply, gives employees more responsibility to track their own hours, and environmentally sound. 100% paperless. The MinuteHound Clock churns out attendance data in different formats that can easily be uploaded to any payroll system. That is not all because it also has the capability of generating email alerts and text messages for identifying early or late scans by employees.

The online timecards are a fantastic safeguard against time theft which has been a perennial problem for many companies. The fact that it is cloud-based makes it an excellent tool for providing live reporting features. Live reporting is a feature that is possible through the use of internet connections and can be done from any location around the world. The online timecards make the use of the conventional time cards irrelevant and therefore a cost-effective measure of employee attendance issues.

Online Timecards are always Available

The MinuteHound web-based system also features another option that does not have a scanner. This option enables employees to record their time from any device including a smartphone, a PC, tablet or laptop. The employee simply logs in using a UN/PW to generate a report when reporting or leaving duty. The online timecards have a timestamp that records the IP address of the login location. This feature helps the employer to effectively monitor the actual location of his employees.

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