Time and Attendance For The Masses!

Time and Attendance is Affordable for Everyone

Fortune 500 companies have some expensive toys and tech to help their business. Time and attendance is the staple for every business, regardless of size. Small and large companies alike need to keep accurate time and attendance records for legal purposes. Not only so they don’t overpay anyone, but every business must practice common sense in record keeping. Time and attendance is not optional. So it only makes sense to use a system that will not only keep costs down and provide an actual service, but that pays for itself. MinuteHound only costs $1.00 per employee a month! Costs are structured so that this time and attendance is available for the masses!

Time and attendance are the bread and butter of every business. Does not matter what your business sells or the services it provides, every employee wants a paycheck. They all want that paycheck so why allow them to fudge numbers or put down time they didn’t actually work. MinuteHound time and attendance works with a small device so that each and every employee must first verify themselves in order to record their time. This makes it impossible for anyone to cheat the system or cover for friends. This feature alone will save your company booku dollars. Time theft costs US businesses billions every year. The less you contribute to this number, the better off you will be!

Time and Attendance Makes Everyone Happy!

Not only do employers love this system but so do the employees. They can login and view their timecard 24/7. They can see their time and have access to it whenever they want. No more printing up paper timesheets or stopping by for office supplies. Biometric time and attendance will save your company money each and every day from various avenues. There is no time to waste! Order the best time and attendance system on the market and start saving today!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time and Attendance.

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