Stop Buddy Punching at The Workplace

The Problems that Buddy Punching Causes for a Business

Businesses all around the world are dealing with a threat to their profits. Making matters worse, this threat is actually a form of fraud that your employees might be doing right now. When employees engage in buddy punching, they might not realize the drastic amount of money you could be losing. This post will discuss what buddy punching is, the problems it can cause for a business, and ways to stop this form of employee fraud for good.

What is Buddy Punching?
Buddy punching is a term used in the workplace to describe employees clocking in or out for each other. On the surface, it might not seem like this is that big of a problem. However, the effects that buddy punching causes can be astronomical. The reason that most employees engage in this act is to help a co-worker. While the employee might not have bad intentions, the act of buddy punching still constitutes as fraud.

Problems Caused by Buddy Punching
The main problem that buddy punching causes is lost money for a business. Most business owners aren’t aware of just how much money this act can cost. Companies use time sheets to keep track of employees. If there are false punches occurring within a company, time sheets quickly become falsified documents. Dishonesty about hours worked could have you paying overtime costs that shouldn’t be handed out. In addition, business costs associated with false punch-ins can lead to increased overtime costs.

How to Stop Falsified Time Reports

Fingerprint AttendanceIn order to fully combat buddy punching, you have to have a foolproof solution. Employee cards can be given to another employee. Employee tracking software that requires a password can also be tricked. If an employee gives their password to a friend, an employee can buddy punch all they want. What a business owner needs is time tracking software that can’t be duped. One company has created a foolproof tracking solution.

MinuteHound is a time clock software that uses revolutionary biometric fingerprint scanners. The could-based technology ensures you can track employee time data from anywhere. One drawback of new technology is having to replace what you already have. Buddy punching can wreak havoc on nearly any business. When an employee punches in another worker, it is like they are stealing money from your company. Many solutions currently offered are ineffective because most can be manipulated. However, MinuteHound offers fingerprint scanning technology that can’t be tricked. Best of all, this software can work with nearly any payroll system. Buddy punching can be an extremely costly employee behavior. Ensuring that no false punches are occurring means more growth for your business.

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