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No More Wasted Time Spent Counting Hours for Payroll

Managing attendance and time cards for payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Employers face a plethora of issues with traditional means of counting hours for employees. There are complications and problems associated with ensuring each employee is working their scheduled shift for the appropriate amount of time. Employers also face issues with knowing when an employee is late or leaves early. This can also be complicated further by employees having coworkers clock in or out for them. Fortunately, there are easier methods available to help employers with all the complications that come with counting hours.

Cloud-Based Time Clock

With a cloud-based time clock, employers can get information about employees in real time. No longer will they have to wait until the end of the day to see who clocked in late or early. This system will provide real-time updates on employees. This system can also provide flagging options that can send messages directly to employers based on a variety of factors. For example, employers can be immediately notified if an employee clocks in or out early. In addition, this program can keep real-time accounting of hours worked by each employee to help prevent unauthorized overtime. This eliminates the need for employers to spend excessive time counting hours each day to ensure employees are not abusing the system.

No More Buddy Clock Ins

Why Choose MinuteHound

Employers can face issues of buddy clock-ins. This is where an employee who plans on being late or wants to leave early has a coworker or friend punch their time card at the appropriate times. This allows the employee to get paid for hours they did not work. This can cost businesses a significant amount of money without getting the benefits of the work put in. Unfortunately, this problem is not often found by counting hours every week. With MinuteHound software, employees use their finger to clock in and out. This ensures that only the appropriate employee is punching their time card.

There are also options available that provide time clock management for remote employees and other options needed to help aid in counting hours. This program requires no specialized knowledge or skills to run. It is maintained completely on the cloud and provides 128bit encryption to keep the companies personal information safe and secure. This system can save employers an average of 5% on payroll errors and abuse. It can also save work hours by having this program counting hours instead of an employee. With round the clock support and risk free, no obligation quotes, there is no reason to not check out this easy method for counting hours.

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