Employee Time Tracking and Automated Reports

What Is Employee Time Tracking?

Employee time tracking has changed significantly over the decades. Punch card systems invented in the late 1800s eventually became digital. Those trackers morphed into systems that networked to in-house or farmed servers. Eventually, those servers were removed as employee time tracking took place in the cloud.

Biometrics make an appearance to change everything! Today, to secure a company’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) records, time keeping is done via biometrics. Now, with a thumb print, an employee time tracking system knows the person, their ID, and when they clocked in and out from work. And this is what this time tracking company does. Actually, they do a little more. And, it’s all secured against malicious activity.

MinuteHound Protections

The cloud-based employee time tracking system does not keep fingerprints on file. There are no PIN codes or passwords to remember or give out to others. Therefore, the time and attendance software eliminates time theft from your workplace.

And, because there are no PINs or passwords, no emails or paper records are sent out. In other words, MinuteHound is 100% paperless and green. So, not only is their employee tracking system safe. It also helping reduce the Earth’s carbon footprint. MinuteHound can also keep track of employee time without a biometric scanner. On top of their cloud-based biometric scanner technology, the company also offers companies a scanner-less option. All an employee needs to record their time is a network-connected PC, MAC, or smart device.

Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackOnce recorded, their software records the IP address of the action and adds a timestamp. This allows you to know if your employee was at work or somewhere else.

More Than Meets The Eye

While MinuteHound’s employee time tracking capabilities are powerful, what was mentioned above isn’t the end. As they like to say, “But wait … there’s more!”

  • Because they’re cloud based, live reporting is available from any internet-connected device.
  • If an employee is late or leaves early, their time tracking system reports it via email.
  • All data is transferred with a powerful 128-bit encryption.
  • Their software and scanner are plug and play. No excessive learning curves or training are needed.
  • Nevertheless, they offer round-the-clock support in case something does go wrong.

  • MinuteHound knows you’ll be impressed with their biometric employee time tracking system. However, if you’re still unsure, they’d like to offer you a risk-free trial. Set up the employee time tracking system at your business. You’ll see that their paperless, biometric record keeping is quick, efficient, and suits the purposes of those who need daily records. And if you don’t, you can stop using the software at any time without obligation.

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