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Growing up watching spy movies, many of us ooh’ed and aww’ed at the high tech security systems in place that the hero both had to use and sometimes even figure out how to sneak around. One of the most impressive pieces of technology was the fingerprint scanner. It seemed so futuristic and incredible. Now we have reached a point where this technology is available to many of us daily even on our smartphones, which is great news for many companies. Fingerprint attendance refers to using scanners to record times that employees are on the clock. Rather than the old system of using a card to punch times or even new methods such as scanning a barcode to indicate you have arrived on time, fingerprint attendance is quickly becoming not only the most effective time keeping service but also the easiest to use and most reliable.

Time cards are costly and must be sorted to record times manually when running payroll. Then any company that values its resources checks these times to be sure that nothing is odd or inaccurate. Barcode scanners attempted to address this by eliminating dozens of cards and digitizing the system much in the same way fingerprint attendance does. The difference is that whatever badge the employee is given can still be lost or used by another employee to clock them in. This leads to inaccurate recordings as well as wasted funds.

Why The Fingerprint Attendance System is Empowerment

Fingerprint Time Clock SoftwareWith fingerprint attendance, employees cannot lose some type of badge because their fingers hopefully stay attached at all times! This leaves no excuse for untimely behavior and eliminates other employees manipulating time reports by holding onto a friend’s code for them. Even more useful, many companies that offer fingerprint attendance services such as MinuteHound have systems in place to store recorded data in a secure cloud that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. The data can be used to generate time reports for payroll with a few simple clicks as well as automatically check for errors or unusual activity.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to having a fingerprint attendance system in place at your company is the easy integration for both employees and management. Training your staff is as quick as demonstrating how to place their finger on the pad. Set-up and installation is all handled by the providing company. From there, individual employee fingerprints are recorded into the system. Allowing management only a few minutes to get used to the fingerprint attendance interface will have them prepared to utilize the system to its fullest. Added security, low cost, environment friendly, and easy use are only a few of the advantages a fingerprint attendance system can bring to your business. Utilizing fingerprint attendance will save money both through more accurate time reports and materials. For more information about the latest time reporting software contact MinuteHound with questions.

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