The Influx of Companies Switching to Biometrics Is for Good Reason

Biometrics Is Advanced Business Technology

Biometrics have completely transformed most American businesses. From fingerprint identification to access control most business have found multiple ways to use this new technology. Biometrics are found in just about every iPhone and Android device in the country. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay all use fingerprint and face identification to use their apps. Biometrics are the driver for many applications being developed to help individuals in their everyday life, as well as everyday business life.

Biometrics to Control Employee Time and Attendance

MinuteHound has been using Biometrics in the workplace for nearly a decade now. Employees show up to work, place their finger down on the scanner, and then off to work they go. This process makes employees first verify who they are before recording their time. This process using biometrics to eliminate time theft and buddy punching. MinuteHound is so advanced it will even send out text messages and emails should employees not show up to work or arrive late. Technology is great when it can be applied to save your company money!

How Biometrics Are Applied in Business

In regards to MinuteHound, biometrics are applied to control payroll costs, time and attendance, and employee accountability. HR departments will see a huge reduction in payroll costs and processing time when using MinuteHound. Employees will no longer make mistakes or cover for each other. Biometrics allows managers to focus on their business compared to tracking down and wondering where their employees are or when they actually got to work. You do not have to be a technical guru to use MinuteHound biometrics as it takes less than 10 minutes to start and finish the installation and setup process. There is no better time to apply this technology to your business.

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