How Can A Business Save Money on Payroll Every Month?

Save On Payroll

You may consider your payroll expenses to be a set expenditure. You need a fixed number of employees to handle business needs. Your set number of employees work a reasonably consistent number of hours each month. You may think the only way to save money on wages would be to cut back on how many people you have on staff, or how many hours they work. Nope. You can still save money on payroll every month; you just need a new plan.

You need MinuteHound
MinuteHound uses fingerprint technology. This cloud-based attendance system is 100 percent paperless and 100 percent green. Your employees clock in and out by placing their finger on the dedicated scanner. You won’t even need to invest payroll hours into training your staff to use the MinuteHound system. MinuteHound is so easy to use that no training is required.

MinuteHound Saves Money
With MinuteHound technology, your employee information is safe and secure. Fingerprints are not saved and are not traceable. MinuteHound is a safe, reliable and accurate timekeeping system. Employers already using the MinuteHound system are cutting their payroll expenses between two and eight percent every month. MinuteHound cuts your expenses several ways.

Eliminate the cost of time cards
Eliminate the hours paying your staff to enter timekeeping information
Eliminate the possibility of coworkers clocking in or out for each other
Eliminate the risk of human error in payroll hour totals

The MinuteHound Advantage

With MinuteHound, you will free your payroll staff to spend time on other tasks. MinuteHound works with your existing computer system. There is no complicated set-up or installation required. You will be able to view attendance in real-time and receive notification of any uncovered shifts. MinuteHound will save you money on these expenses and give you peace of mind.

Around the clock support
No Obligations
No hidden fees
No risk– cancel anytime with no fees
MinuteHound Scanner-Free

With MinuteHound, you can save two to eight percent on your payroll expenses, without having to sacrifice the number of employees you have on staff. You need MinuteHound. Try it today and start saving money every single day!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Saves on Payroll.

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