Time and Attendance 2020. How To Get your Company On Track

Increase Your Company’s Productivity in 2020 with Time and Attendance Technology The greatest issue we have in the workplace today is employees being on time and in the office or workplace. Excessive tardiness or absenteeism reduces not only productivity but also positive feelings of other workers. For if those who are constantly late or not there aren’t reprimanded, it makes the others feel that management doesn’t care about them or anything else.

While time and attendance technology can’t completely solve this dilemma, it certainly can help keep track of an employee’s comings and goings. In turn, this can draw attention to deficits within the organization. Here are a few ways time and attendance technology can work for your organization in the new year.

1. It makes it easier for users to clock in
In some cases, negligence is not the cause of tardiness. It’s forgetting a login PIN or password. When this happens, the employee may need to login manually or through offline means. Thus, records show a consistent problem.

Time and attendance technology prevent this from occurring. Employees don’t need a PIN or password. Instead, they place their finger on a biometric scanner to complete the process. This takes seconds instead of minutes.

2. It tracks employee work patterns
While it doesn’t track an employee’s daily productivity, time and attendance technology definitely records the times they’re late or don’t come in at all. Along with reviews by their supervisor, this information can help develop a plan of action.

For instance, if they are constantly late, the manager can work with the employee to set a new schedule to increase on-time performance. If they show consistent absences, the manager can ask if they’re related to a lack of job satisfaction or personal matter. If the latter, something can be worked out to help them resolve their problems.

3. It increases job satisfaction
In the past, there have been moments where someone who was late or absent asked another employee to clock them in. In turn, the co-worker would feel anger toward that person. In the worst-case scenario, they could get in trouble. This doesn’t happen with today’s time and attendance technology, particularly when using biometrics. A co-worker can’t login with their own fingerprint. In the end, it allows them to focus on their own jobs and not worry about the negligence of other employees.

It’s time to repair your time and attendance policies and technology. Doing so now instead of later will increase the productivity and happiness of your workers. When that happens, it will make for a more profitable 2020.

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