Time and Attendance Via Modern Technology. Save Big in 2020

Outsmart Time Thieves Using Modern Technology Before They Outsmart You You’re throwing away money.

Your money is not going to a charitable cause or investment. Your profits are being taken by your employees at the time clock. That misreported time affects your bottom line. The good news is that your best defense against bleeding cash is an attitude change. It’s time for your business to quit the procedures of yesteryear by using MinuteHound. Modern technology has opened the door to smarter reporting and stronger earnings. The word that will make your bottom line smarter and stronger is biometrics.

Fingerprints are a unique attribute. They belong to the right person every time. Biometrics measure a physical quality like fingerprints and turn that into usable data. In the past, you had to spend a lot of money to realize the benefits. Smartphones have stuck this modern technology into our daily lives. MinuteHound saw the benefits of biometrics early and made it easy. You don’t have to be an IT expert to beat a cheat.

If Not Now, Then When!
MinuteHound’s use of this modern technology provides a simple solution. Once installed, the system is ready to go. An employee places a finger on the scanner and the time clock will do the rest. The computer doesn’t even need to be close to the time clock. USB cables allow for extension from the main computer. MinuteHound has been using biometrics for two decades to log work hours. They’ve solved the biggest problems facing workforce and management, security and accountability.

Employees can’t clock in without being at the time clock. Once an employee scans their finger, that information is uploaded to the cloud. Cloud storage is another aspect of modern technology that makes accounting a breeze. MinuteHound software will split employee data and save it on its secure servers. Each server only holds a part of the data, ensuring that the information is safe from a breach. Your employee’s time gets recorded with accuracy and your accounting will get easier. MinuteHound makes sure employee data remains safe.

New Technology Means Multiple Ways To Save and Cut Costs
Saving your business from losing money at the time clock can be easier than you think. An experienced partner using a smart application of modern technology will get you there. MinuteHound can offer both with their easy to launch solution. By enforcing the biometric solution from MinuteHound, you’ll stop wasting time and resources. To find information on how modern technology can help to secure your business from time thieves, visit MinuteHound today!

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