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Making Late Excuses A Thing Of The Past

Business owners have heard all of the excuses before from their employees. Those employees will whine and whine about how they are not able to make it to work on time for this reason or that. You do not have to put up with their excuses any longer. You can start to claw back some of the integrity and responsibility of your employees to do the jobs that they are supposed to be doing.

MinuteHound is an innovative time-tracking software system for business. It helps those who are running their enterprises keep up with what is going on with their people at all times. It is a cloud-based software program that tallies time spent at work down to the minute. Better yet, it allows business owners to track all of those minutes in real-time right before their eyes. A lot of business owners like this feature in particular because it gives them the ability to shift their people around as needed to fulfill different tasks.

Technology Behind the Time Clock

This system works as a biometric clock that keeps tabs on each person through their fingerprints. They use their unique registered fingerprint to clock in and clock out. By doing so, the employer knows who is really there and who is not. There is no cheating the clock by clocking someone in who was not really at work. There is also no cheating on the time clock in the sense of added extra time that was not truly worked. That is important as a lot of people think that they can pull this little sly trick and get away with it. That is simply not the case.

How To Stop Time FraudMinuteHound can really change the way in which employers and employees interact with one another. It helps to make sure that people are more accountable and that the excuses are cut out of the equation. At the same time, it is important to understand that it does reward those who are doing great work and showing up on time as well. It should not be thought of as a punishment device but rather as something that is making sure that everyone is playing on an equal level.

Time and Attendance Adds Up

Time theft is a serious problem. Small businesses cannot afford to throw money away on productivity that was never there in the first place. While we all hope that we have hired honest employees, there is always an incentive to cheat that some people might take advantage of. MinuteHound can make it easier to figure out who those people are and hold them to account for their actions. There is nothing to be sorry about for doing this. If they wanted a pity party over it, they never should have done what they did in the first place. That is the kind of integrity that MinuteHound can bring to any workplace.

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