New Year Means New Ways To Save Money on Payroll!

How To Reduce Payroll Expenses in 2018

Business owners are always trying to find a way to bring in more and new revenue, but at the same time they should be looking in-house in order to save on payroll. Employees are the staple of every business, and each and every one of them need to get paid. Every company needs a payroll system, just the 1 huge aspect everyone overlooks is fraud and error. A common practice at just every every business in the world is buddy punching and time theft. Employees covering for friends at work and fudging the numbers to make sure their paychecks are just right. Once you end this, you will be saving money everyday! Every. Single. Day!

How do you save on payroll everyday? The one word answer is MinuteHound. The technology behind this company immediately and permanently stops all forms of time theft, fraud and human error. From the 1st payroll you run using MinuteHoud, you will be saving up to 7% or more! Let alone the cost benefit of having a biometric system in place to stop employees from stealing business dollars. MinuteHound is a biometric time and attendance option that will provide a first class solution for your business.

Payroll Savings Every Pay Period

MinuteHound works from day 1 and never needs a break, a day off or even a holiday. Employees cannot cheat the system nor scam it in anyway. If if the boss is away, employees have no other option but to show up on time and clock-in. They have to physically press their finger down on the scanner in order to record their time. Friends cannot cover for them and they cannot pretend to be on time if they were late. There is no reason not to use MinuteHound. At just $1.00 per employee, it is affordable for every size organization.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Payroll Savings.

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