What Is A Ultrasonic Biometric Fingerprint Sensor?

Who Makes The Ultrasonic Biometric Fingerprint Sensor?

The ultrasonic biometric fingerprint sensor is popular because of the new Samsung Galaxy S10. This phone is the first one to use Qualcomm’s 3D sonic sensor in their device. It sounds fancy because it is! You can check out a video of it here in action at Qualcomm’s website. They claim it is anti-spoof and works in just about any condition. They built a better mousetrap! For every device these days pretty much has a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and security reasons. However, Samsung is simply using the latest and greatest technology in their phone. A biometric fingerprint sensor or scanner is not something new per se. Fingerprint recognition has been around for quite some time. Whether it be for unlocking a device, gaining access to a secured area, or simply self identification.

MinuteHound is currently using this technology in the workplace. Not Qualcomm’s 3D sonic sensor, but fingerprint recognition designed to eliminate a nasty habit that costs business owners tons of money: Time theft. Every employee wants to get paid and more than likely, every employee has a fingerprint! So instead of having them use pen and paper to write down their time, they simply press their finger down to identify themselves then off to work they go. This completely eliminates buddy punching and common human errors. They only get paid for what they clocked-in and out for. No one can do this for them as it is impossible for someone else to use cheat with this technology in place. A biometric fingerprint sensor takes away the guess work and only provide true results.

Can Business Owners Use This Technology In The Workplace?

Biometric Time RecordingYou bet they can! MinuteHound has been offering time and attendance services for close to a decade. Tried, trusted and proven safe. Employees cannot cheat or get around it. They only get paid for what they worked. You can set in reports what counts as overtime and what does not. These rules help you easily identify anyone trying to work more than they should and without a doubt catch anyone not working as much as they should. Being a manger is hard enough, but sometimes it feels like being a parent or a babysitter trying to track down everyone. MinuteHound does this for you with no benefits needed!

A biometric fingerprint sensor is great for any business environment. It only weighs about 1 pound so can easily mount to any surface including a wall. They last forever and the only function it has is scanning. No buttons to push or cards to swipe. Just place the finger down and within about 1-2 seconds the match is made. Time is recorded. Everything gets transferred to the cloud. The biometric fingerprint sensor is not only easy to apply but even better long term. Updates are included for life. Try it today!

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