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Time Card Calculator- No More Manual Counting

Imagine this: you are a busy business owner who uses a traditional wall mounted hand punch scanner to keep track of employees. It’s payroll day and you are knee-deep in employee time sheets. A few hours into your calculations you realize that several employees punched in and out at unusual times last Thursday. That’s when someone tells you that just before the shift change that day a thunderstorm knocked the power out in the building for a few seconds. The time clock had reset itself and no one corrected it until the next morning. Ugh! Now you have to adjust all those time sheets. Not to mention the usual corrections for employees who forgot to clock out, took vacation days or called in sick. What a mess! If your time card calculator happens to be of the 10-key variety, this could be a huge loss of time and energy. What’s worse is how much any errors you miss could cost you.

Payroll – Hassle = MinuteHound’s Time Card Calculator

Now imagine this: you are a busy business owner who uses MinuteHound’s patented biometric technology. On payroll day there are no employee time sheets piling up in your office. MinuteHound stores all of your employee data on a secure remote server that you can access from anywhere. All you have to do is log into the web portal using your company number, username and password to view your reports.

MinuteHound Time Card Calculator Features AlertsAs for the thunderstorm, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed. MinuteHound’s information is not effected by a power outage since the whole system is run out of a remote server. All employee punches are saved offsite, with no information ever being stored locally on a computer. There is no need to reset any time clocks! You won’t have to worry about the time card calculator either. MinuteHound’s web-based system serves as a time card calculator too. This time card calculator will calculate hours worked, days worked, times clocked in and out, sick days, vacation days, holidays, and much more with just the click of a button.

The Time Card Calculator That Stops Cheating and Mistakes

Don’t worry about errors! MinuteHound’s time card calculator will always be accurate. It records exactly the time your employees log themselves in and out of the system. If there is any unusual activity that occurs the system will automatically email a designated manager or a designated party. This way even if employees honestly forget to punch in, MinuteHound will remind them. No more guess work! The time card calculator will automatically readjust to any corrections you make.

Why Not?

There’s no need to imagine anymore. With MinuteHound on your side, you can be a business owner who doesn’t have to worry about the hassle of doing payroll. Throw away the 10-key time card calculator. With MinuteHound’s time card calculator you no longer need to be a math major. No more papers piling up. No more confusing corrections. You’ll be saving time and money. It’s that simple with MinuteHound.

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