Time Clock for Employees that Uses Fingerprints to Clock In

MinuteHound’s Time Clock Works in Any Environment

Each and every business is unique. Even within the same niche and industry, business owners direct and lead in various styles with dissimilar goals. However, the one common thread of every business is that employees need to be paid. Some employees work inside, while work outside. Either way, these staff members need a method to record their time and be paid. MinuteHound’s time clock is that answer. Whether you operate indoors or out, this time clock will identify and only record time when employees are present. No more paper and pens or punch codes. Just have this time clock around so that employees can check-in and out when they need to. All reports are done for you and payroll can be completed in half the time!

How It Works

Employees press their finger down to the scanner, which will record their time. No more time theft or buddy punching with MinuteHound. This works out in the field or on the job site as well. MinuteHound’s time clock works in just about any environment. It is already being used at construction sites, mobile installation crews, warehouses, and many other places. It is ideal for any business owner looking to have more control of their staff and employee costs. Even if the boss is not there, the MinuteHound time clock will stop time theft by not allowing anyone to cover for each other or fudge hours.

No one can leave early but still get paid. MinuteHound is so advanced you can setup text and email alerts for employees. If they do not adhere to their assigned schedule, MinuteHound will alert you and any other manage you designate. Most construction companies have multiple jobs going on at once and MinuteHound has you covered. You can even assign jobs if you wanted to track which is being worked, by whom, and how long. The time clock will go wherever your employees go!

Is MinuteHound Expensive? What Are the Costs

MinuteHound is by far the most affordable time clock on the market. It is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Both small and large companies use and save money every month by introducing MinuteHound to their workforce. The time clock itself comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. Also, there is nothing you have to commit too. MinuteHound goes month-to-month which means you are not locked into anything and you can cancel at anytime. No risks and all reward with this system.

MinuteHound has been assisting business owners monitor their time and attendance and now it is your turn! Call the MinuteHound team now in order to find out more and how to get this system at your business today.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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