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Time tracking tool that records work hours for pennies a day

MinuteHound utilizes the most current technology to help business owners manage the costly problem of time theft, which may or may not be intentional. This is a common occurrence with traditional record-keeping systems, such as punch card machines and manual or online time sheets. MinuteHound offers the ideal solution with a time tracking tool that is easy to use and cost effective. Clients boast of its benefits and swear they would never to go back to the old methods.

MinuteHound time tracking tool saves money and improves productivity

The savings from this time tracking tool are based on its ability to reduce payroll costs associated with human error, employees covering for each other, broken equipment and lost time cards. Even online time sheets are problematic when employees forget or share passwords. This product also makes payroll processing easier. In terms of productivity, companies need immediate information to fill gaps in staffing and comprehensive reports to plan for future headcount. MinuteHound’s time tracking tool provides all of that.

How the time tracking tool works and why thousands of companies have switched

The core of the MinuteHound system is state of the art technology that allows employees to log in by placing their finger on a scanning device. The scanner is a fraction of the cost of the traditional time clock and the monthly service fee is nominal. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee and there is no training required.

Installation is easy and fast. Simply connect the fingerprint scanner to any computer by plugging the device into the computer’s USB port and follow onscreen steps to load the software. Register employees by having them place their finger on the scanner. The fingerprint is encoded and stored on a remote server. For security and privacy, the information is not saved onsite. Once registered, employees log in and out of the system by placing their finger on the scanner. Red and green light indicators inform the employee whether or not their information was recorded successfully.

Powerful time tracking tool improves business operations

This time tracking tool is an example of how cloud computing improves operational efficiency. Log in from anywhere in the world using a desktop computer or mobile device such as a Blackberry, Android or iPhone. Run standard or customized reports. Once the employee enters their hours, the system shoots an automated email to the employee and their manager to inform them of any schedule variations. This enables the manager to monitor and take action as needed. In this way, the time tracking tool also serves as a way to monitor performance.

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