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It’s a typical Monday at your company. You get there early (because you are the CEO), and you get started on the business for the day ahead. You like getting to work early because you love your company. You love what it stands for, and you love where it is going. You also know you can’t get far without a team of great employees, and you’ve made good decisions in the hiring process. But every company needs boundaries and expectations, and no matter how wonderful your employees are, they need to know that performance and evaluation are a constant in doing business.

You don’t always have time to manage the productivity of your employees and to make sure that your dollars are being spent wisely, and that’s where MinuteHound’s time attendance system can help you. Our time attendance software is a high-tech, advanced system that uses biometric fingerprint technology to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace and to eliminate spending your money on wasted employee hours.

Our time attendance system can send out e-mails and text messages if employees don’t show up to work, arrive late, or try to leave early. You can use the reports from our time attendance system in performance reviews with your employees in order to give them a raise or to help them work toward being on time every single day.

The Time Attendance System That Pays for Itself

In addition, our time attendance software eliminates the need for paper timecards. Everything is done electronically so you don’t have to bother with collecting paper timecards, adding up the hours and filing them away for prosperity. You can instantly see an electronic history of your employees’ worked hours and see their time attendance record.

Secure Biometric Time Attendance - Cloud BasedIf you work remotely from around the world, you will not have a problem logging into our system or worry about security. Our time attendance system uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. And, perhaps one of the best attributes of our time attendance software is that it is easy to use – so easy in fact, that you won’t need to hold training to use it. We offer you a software plug, and that’s all there is to it!

Support and Lifetime Updates Included with Our Time Attendance System

If you have questions, we welcome them, and our team of customer service representatives are there to answer any questions you have about your new time attendance software. Try MinuteHound’s time attendance software today. Make your business more efficient and productive. Try us risk-free, and see why so many CEOs are giving us a go! We know you’ll be pleased when you see how efficient daily business is for your team of employees!

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