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Time Tracking Made Simple with MinuteHound

Companies that depend on a large workforce to get the job done understand better than most how important time tracking and record keeping really are. Besides being a generally beneficial practice, there are also federal mandates that require accurate record keeping. If your company has been struggling with time tracking, or you’re simply ready to move on from archaic time clocks and paper records, MinuteHound has a better way.

Time tracking with MinuteHound is simple because it starts with the basics: what’s the easiest way to clock in and out for a shift? Nobody reading this right now is going to answer “punch cards” or “time clocks from the 1930’s”. The fact is, technology has given us some elegant solutions.

MinuteHound is the leading provider of biometric time clocks, which means that instead of issuing cards of badges or passwords to employees, they now can clock in for their shift using a press of their fingerprint. It’s an efficiency tool and identity verification solution all rolled into one. One of the biggest time tracking problems made possible by badges and punch cards is that there really isn’t anything to prevent one employee from clocking in for someone else. It might be tempting to put your faith in the honor system, but that’s sometimes not enough.

No More Errors or Mistakes when Using Biometric Time Tracking

The MinuteHound time tracking system brings a little sanity to the workplace. Besides making the time clock experience a faster and more efficient one, it can also prevent a lot of managerial headaches. Because everything is automated and electronic, your company can begin keeping digital records instead of physical ones. Even better, your time tracking system can be tied into your shift schedules, meaning that you’ve got some options when it comes to employees deviating from their assigned shift.

For example, you can have the system generate a notification for you if an employee clocks in late in the morning. The same holds true for people leaving early. You have your choice of either email or text message notifications, and everything happens automatically and in real-time. It’s an elegant solution for a problem as old as manual labor.

Online Time Tracking Attendance Made Simple!By now you might be wondering what happens to all of this time tracking data. Quite simply, it’s kept safe in the cloud. You have access to it from any company computer, and it remains protected with 128-bit encryption. It is, in fact, a great deal more secure than it would be if you continued to put your faith in physical record keeping.

Time tracking has always been a bit of a challenge, but new technology solutions from MinuteHound mean that it doesn’t have to continue that way. With time-saving techniques and automated solutions, our biometric time clocks could easily prove to be your company’s biggest boon to productivity.

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