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A New way to Track Employees: 24/7 Monitoring From Anywhere

Using an effective system to track employees is one of the keys to success for any business. A modern time keeping system could save thousands of dollars on payroll. MinuteHound broke the mold with its new system. This amazing new product allows administrators to track employees with a single fingerprint. The amount of money that existing MinuteHound clients have saved has been monumental.

The MinuteHound system works by way of a special scanner. The hardware is not much bigger than a coffee cup. This device connects directly to a computer using a USB cable. Once the administrator downloads the software and connects the scanner, the system is ready. Employees clock in and out by pushing the tip of a finger onto the scanner. The scanner then collects data, encrypts it, and sends it to a remote server. The people who monitor payroll can track employees by logging into a site that has the pertinent information. MinuteHound’s system to track employees is convenient and efficient. The system is also inexpensive.

Businesses should use the MinuteHound system to track employees for a wide variety of reasons. First, the system prevents human error. Companies that use older time keeping systems lose money because of mistakes in manual time recording and buddy punching. Buddy punching is a process in which one employee clocks in for another to earn that person money. Clocking in for another person is unlawful. No one can do that with the MinuteHound system. The employee must use his or her own fingerprint for the timekeeping system to recognize the punch.

The MinuteHound system does more than just track employees. The system also allows managers to run reports. They can develop reports in Excel. They can also track employees from any location. Managers who go on vacation can have access to the web based application. They can also set up email notifications for when employees come in late to their shifts. The ability to track employees comes easy with the MinuteHound system.

Easy, Simple, and Cost Effective Way To Track Employees Time Worked

Getting started on the task to track employees is easy. The manager can order the MinuteHound device online. Setup takes about five minutes. All that needs to be done is to plug the scanner in, download the software, enroll employees and that’s it! Simple and easy setup, and MinuteHound provides support around the clock. From this point on, the system will begin to track employees. The administrator only has to take an employee’s fingerprint once to register that person. The system will recognize it after the first time.

Any company that wants to save money can order the MinuteHound system today. The time clock calculator link below can explain the savings that will come to the company in the future.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
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