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MinuteHound’s Web Punch Clock: Another Time Saving Solution

With all the technological advances we’ve seen, it’s no wonder the traditional employee time clock is starting to look like something out of The Flintstones. More and more, employers are turning to sophisticated, yet easy to use, platforms like a web punch clock to track employees. MinuteHound has all the time tracking solutions like this that a business could possibly need.

A web punch clock can save time and resources. They record time, calculate hours and send time reports to all necessary parties, including the payroll processor. It eliminates time theft from the workplace, tracking employee lateness or leaving of assignments early. The solution is cloud based. That means live accessibility to time reports and records from any connection in the world. This is all extremely convenient as it means:

  • No servers to purchase or storage space to maintain
  • No software needs to be installed
  • No real initial software investments
  • No concerns for outdated platforms or training IT staff

Utilizing a web punch clock will cost pennies a day. Dispense with time cards and other inventory and use 128 bit encryption systems to transfer data quickly and efficiently. The platform has pretty much no learning curve. Incredibly simplistic in its set up, it does not require hours of training. Your system can be up and running in no time. If there are any issues, we have a courtesy and knowledgeable support staff ready to work through them.

The web punch clock is well featured. It can track time, holiday’s, sick-days, payroll exports and much, much more. Monitoring attendance will be as simple as selecting a feature. Know immediately which employees were late or which called out. MinuteHound solutions can send emails or text messages to notify necessary parties about lateness or early exits. Print reports from anywhere. With a web punch clock, manage employee attendance in real 24/7 time.

The Web Punch Clock: 24/7 Access From Anywhere

Save Time and Money With a Web Punch ClockMinuteHound solutions provide all the time tracking benefits an employer can ask for. From biometric fingerprinting to a web punch clock, our software will help your business run smoother in no time at all. Always know what’s happening and when through the platform’s up to the minute reporting. The solution is customizable, giving human resources or managers the ability to adjust criteria or staffing based on current needs.

The time tracking solutions like the web punch clock makes MinuteHound the best answer for managing and upgrading internal operations. MinuteHound’s web punch clock is sure to suit all your business needs. So if you are interested in upgrading your time tracking system, dispensing with old fashioned time cards and long lines waiting to use them, contact us by telephone or email. We are ready to show you how a web punch clock can save you time and money today!

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MinuteHound Biometric Punch Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Web Punch Clock.

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