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MinuteHound Punch In Clock Software and Scanner

Ensuring the accuracy of a company’s time sheets can be a nightmare for any manager. Incorrect punch in clock readings can result in a loss of company money and time. However, with the MinuteHound punch in clock, companies now have a way to accurately record their employees’ attendance data.

How Does It Work?

The MinuteHound punch in clock uses a scanner which reads the fingerprints of each employee. The employees are registered and all they have to do is scan their fingers at the start and end of each work day. The scanned data is then encoded and split among four different secure cloud servers. This process ensures the privacy and safety of all employees’ payroll data.

The MinuteHound punch in clock is simple to use and install. By simply connecting the USB fingerprint scanner to any computer with an Internet connection and a quick download, it is ready for use! The MinuteHound time clock software runs in the background of the computer, allowing this new punch in clock terminal to still be used as a normal computer, with no additional problems. The scanner also can be connected to the computer up to fifty-four feet away, via extension cords.

Why Switch?
The MinuteHound scanner and software helps managers to take control over their companies. Remote access allows managers to access attendance records and let them know who is at work in real time. Mobile alerts can also be sent to a manager in case anyone leave early, shows up late or not at all.

Plug and Play Punch In ClockUnlike regular punch in clocks, the MinuteHound time clock scanner can only access an employee’s own records. An employee can scan in or out using any of their fingers, but they can only scan for themselves. This stops the practice of employees clocking in for others who are late or absent. In addition, employees cannot adjust the time records of when they scan in or out. The MinuteHound scanner provides accuracy and security, by making sure that employees are being paid fairly for the hours they work.

Managers also benefit from MinuteHound by no longer having to read and sort punch in clock cards. The MinuteHound software creates automatic reports based on its accurate time and attendance records, which lets managers focus on other important company issues. Businesses no longer need to worry about poorly recorded punch in clocks or other attendance issues costing them thousands of dollars in losses each year. Besides being more accurate, the MinuteHound punch in clock software and scanner are more affordable than many popular punch in clock brands. Companies who switch to MinuteHound end up saving money, and creating a more efficient, honest, and happy workplace.

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