What Is Web Clock Time? How Does it Help Business?

Precise Time Keeping is a Breeze

Are your employees still punching in and out with a traditional time clock? Even worse, are they still submitting manual records as proof that they worked their designated shifts? If so, it’s likely that you are paying out for more in salary than you would be if you were using a MinuteHound web clock time attendance system.

With MinuteHound’s biometric web clock time system, perfect attendance records are guaranteed. The innovative system is low-cost, safe and reliable. As a business owner, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your payroll department is able to do their job efficiently. Unfortunately, with the time cards of yesterday, there’s an enormous window for human error, time theft and payroll abuse.

For example, John Doe arrived 15 minutes late for work. Instead of reporting his tardiness, he simply pencils in that he arrived on time. What is even more unnerving is if he asks a co-worker to “punch” the time clock for him so it appears he has arrived on time. Known as time theft, it’s these types of indiscretions that cost companies thousands of dollars each year.

Puts an End to Dishonesty
Save Money. Be Happy w/ an Employee Time Tracker!MinuteHound’s precise web clock time tracker makes it impossible for friends to cover up co-worker’s absences. The biometric system uses a fingerprint identification process to verify each and every employees’ comings and goings. With a swipe of the finger, employees are able to punch in and out without the hassle of walking across the office to the time clock. A computerized web clock time reporting system helps supervisors identify employees who are abusing the system and being overpaid.

MinuteHound’s biometric web clock time tracker saves employer money and helps to increase overall productivity. In addition, it gives business owners a wide variety of tool and resources to make their job easier. Another unique function of the web clock time management system is that business owners and managers have the possibility to access the system from anywhere in the world. With an internet connection, verifying employees’ whereabouts is a breeze via computer, tablet or smartphone! This innovative technology gives business owners the peace of mind knowing their employees are working their designated shifts.

Notification System
MinuteHound’s biometric web clock time manager also has the ability to send both email and text message notifications to employers and their employees. Happy employees equate to a happier workplace and increased productivity. A web clock time tracker allows employees to continue working until their shift is over. Never again will they have to shut down 10 or 15 minutes early just to punch out on time. It’s instances like this that cause low employee morale and poor work ethics. MinuteHound knows time is money. Save more money and improve the overall efficiency of your business with a revolutionary web-based time management system.

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