Who Benefits The Most From A Biometric Time Clock?

What Does A Biometric Time Clock Do?

Are you looking to save money on your payroll? Are employees abusing your payroll over and over with time theft? Luckily, MinuteHound has an effective solution! MinuteHound is a company making clocking in and out of work very easy. State of the art technology combined with a biometric time clock is currently saving businesses money worldwide. The biometric time clock uses finger print technology. This allows businesses to easily spot payroll abuse, time theft, and tardiness. It also eliminates time clock manipulation, time cards errors, and unapproved overtime.

The biometric time clock software is cloud based. This makes checking your labor very accessible. Because of this, you have the option to login anywhere in the world. You can see who is on the clock and the data from that day. The biometric time clock will also show if a person left early from their shift. MinuteHound is very effective. It is able to reduce payroll processing time. It instantly produces data like time and attendance reports. There is plenty of unique options and features, but a huge bonus is how easy it is to setup the biometric time clock. No long instructions and no need to be a technical expert. Setting up and using the biometric time clock can be done in under 10 minutes!

Invest In Technology That Works

All in all, MinuteHound is dedicated to providing your business with the best software possible to help you with your payroll and time clock issues. The biometric time clock allows you to quickly and effectively adjust your staffing needs. It saves 2% to 8% on your payroll. The good news is that it only costs pennies a day to use. It’s easy to use and you’ve got nothing to lose. Start your free trial and try it today!

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