Is There A Way To Stop Buddy Punching?

How To Stop Buddy Punching And Timeclock Fraud

Time theft is a growing problem for many businesses, and the most common way that employees falsify their attendance records is through the practice commonly referred to as “buddy punching”. Some companies who have tracked – and eventually eliminated – the problem have reported that buddy punching increased their operating and labor costs. Each and every business is different but also the same as they need to make a solid effort to end time theft and employee fraud.

The good news is that affordable biotechnology already exists that can completely eliminate buddy punching and can save your company a lot of money every year. So, what exactly is buddy punching and what can you do to prevent it?

What Is Buddy Punching?

Buddy punching is the unethical practice where one employee clocks in another employee’s time card. A common scenario is where an employee is running late for work, so she might call up a coworker and ask that person to clock in for her, whether using a manual punch card or by logging in at her computer workstation for her.

Another example of buddy punching is when graveyard and holiday shift workers – who are often left with little or no supervision – punch time cards for workers who never even show up for work at all. Problems like these can go unnoticed for months, costing their employers thousands of dollars.

Buddy punching is dishonest, it is theft and it is illegal. It is actually a form of fraud. Buddy punching is a fairly common problem for small businesses, and it is estimated that upward of 20% of employees have participated in the practice at least once, with many employees buddy punching each other’s time clocks several times per month.

How MinuteHound Prevents Timecard Fraud And Saves You Money

Rather than using the traditional timecard/timeclock punch system, the MinuteHound attendance system uses fingerprint scanning technology for employees to punch in and punch out digitally. With MinuteHound in place, it is impossible for employees to commit time fraud by punching timecards for their coworkers.

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You can set up a single station/scanner – ideal for warehouse or temporary jobsite locations – or you can set up scanners at individual workspaces for each employee or for each department. Employees who work from home or while traveling can use their own scanners and clock in remotely from their home computers or laptops.

Employees can be registered into the system in seconds, with no employee numbers or passwords to memorize. MinuteHound never stores Fingerprints on file and uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. The scanner is a simple plug-and-play device, so setup is quick and easy. MinuteHound software allows for real-time attendance monitoring, allowing supervisors and managers to be alerted instantly when employees clock in or fail to clock in. MinuteHound can also track and calculate employee wages, and can account for holidays and paid time off.

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