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The old fashioned time clock has reigned supreme in attendance keeping for businesses for a long time. However, it is a far from perfect system. Keeping track of time cards and payroll can take a huge bite out a company’s budget. People can alter or change their clock in or clock out times, ask friends to clock in for them, or otherwise make it appear as though they were at work when they weren’t. It is for these reasons that MinuteHound, the automatic attendance system, was created.

MinuteHound is an automatic attendance system. That means it automates many of the old reporting and calculating tasks that have been such a drain on businesses over the years. MinuteHound allows businesses to see who and when someone clocked in or out at a glance, no matter how big or small the company is. The MinuteHound automatic attendance system is great for companies that operate over multiple locations. The main office can easily and accurately keep track of employee attendance from the main office.

Not only does the MinuteHound automatic attendance system keep track of attendance, but it also can automatically generate reports that once took hours to compile. This removes the need to have employees spend countless hours going through stacks of paperwork. These reports, like all of the MinuteHound data are securely stored in the cloud. This allows reports and records to be accessed from any location that has internet access. Generating the reports from the automatic attendance system eliminates the risk of human error. Also, since the reports are stored online, the need for paper hard copies is eliminated. However, reports can be exported in several popular formats should that be preferred. This focus on online data collection saves money by reducing the need for costly printing and storage. Wages and other information can also be calculated automatically.

Automatic Attendance System- Save More Time. Save More Money.

Attendance Management Makes SenseThe MinuteHound automatic attendance system makes use of biometrics to accurately identify employees. Biometrics is the science of using the human body itself as a method of identification. MinuteHound uses patented fingerprint scanner technology, which is connected via USB to a computer, to collect data. Employees simply place their finger on the scanner and wait for the green light. This lets them know that they have successfully been identified and clocked in or out. The employee’s fingerprint information is recorded at the time of scan, encrypted, and is spread out over data centers on several continents. Employees can also be easily added or removed quickly.

The MinuteHound automatic attendance system is an easy way for any business to save time and money. No matter if a business has 10 employees or 10,000; the MinuteHound automatic attendance system can drastically cut costs.

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