Biometric Time and Attendance Make Payroll Simple and Easy

Biometrics? Time and Attendance? What Does This Mean for Your Business?

A company can have many employees dedicated to the production process. Often there are only a handful of resources available to manage human resources, and processes like payroll can be time consuming as a result. In eliminating steps and streamlining processes, HR professionals save time on critical processes like payroll management. Here are the ways that biometric time and attendance make payroll simple and easy.

Stop tracking timecards and timesheets. The system eliminates the need for manual time entries via a traditional timecard punch type system. This means that collecting timecards at the end of the week can be a thing of the past. This also eliminates the need for timesheets where employees sign in upon arrival. The time and attendance software only requires information be entered directly into the system through an electronically scanned fingerprint. From then on, no additional steps are need to track employee time information.

Biometric Time and Attendance Never Needs A Day Off!

Reduce calculation errors. The more sensitive customer information is handled, the more the room there is for errors. With the MinuteHound solution, times are calculated for each employee. The time and attendance system eliminates the need for manually calculating entries. All of the information can be exported directly from the system. All of the information from the time and attendance software can then be uploaded into the payroll system of your choice.

Enter sick leave and holidays in one click. There is no longer a need to add sick leave and holiday information in the same system. Those accustomed to taking multiple steps to complete a process will find that they will save time in being able to enter the code information directly into the time and attendance software. The administrator only has to enter the code information into the system, and the system will calculate the earnings.

Access Your Time and Attendance Reports From Anywhere

Innovation is MinuteHoundManage payroll in one system. The time and attendance software eliminates the need for relying on multiple sources to conduct payroll. Isolating tasks leads to a cumbersome process and increases potential for errors. In being able to combine payroll information and consolidate payroll management steps into one system, the entire payroll management process is streamlined. Managers can enter, edit and perform many payroll duties from directly within the system.

Companies save money in avoiding duplication, manual processes in areas like payroll management. Automating processes like payroll through time and attendance frees up time for HR companies who prefer to dedicate their time to value-added tasks that advance the organization’s objectives.

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