Biometric Time Recording and Time Stamps for Employees

Stop Time Theft By Using Biometric Time Recording

Time theft is one of the easiest forms of employee thefts to commit. It often goes unnoticed and is difficult to track. By getting a handle on these common issues, your business stands to save thousands in a calendar year. Focusing on this issue alone can be one of the best cost-cutting initiatives to launch.

How do employees steal time?
Employees can steal time in a number of ways when there aren’t systems like biometric time recording in place. Some methods are more obvious and easy to detect while others fly well under the radar and are much more difficult to track. You can watch for these popular time theft methods to address the system problem that plagues many businesses.

Buddy punching
Buddy punching is a common form of time theft where biometric time recording is not in use. An employee reaches out to a friend when they know that they won’t be able to arrive on time. That friend clocks them in with their marked timecard. The employer never knows the employee is late because biometric time recording isn’t being used, and the employee gets credit for unworked hours, which is the equivalent of thousands a year from some employees. An employee buddy arrangement could even involve an employee manually signing in an absent or late co-worker as a favor.

When did the break start?
Breaks are ideally recorded by employees, but that’s not always the case. An employee can extend that 15-minute break into 20 or 30 minutes with ease if the supervisor doesn’t have the time to monitor that sort of behavior. A longer lunch can be taken where the employee clocks out after already being on break for 20 minutes. A person can discreetly arrange their workflow in a way where they can take a portion of their break on the clock, and the actual break itself off the clock.

Excessive personal time on the clock
It isn’t uncommon for employees to conduct some personal business on the clock. Some employees may be doing this routinely and unapologetically. They handle personal phone calls on company time or manage their personal social media accounts while working. This could mean shopping online for some employees or playing solitaire for others.

Padding employee time
Padding employee time is another form of time theft common when biometric time recording technologies are not in use. If using a manual timesheet to report work hours, an employee can state that they arrived much earlier than they actually did. They can also say they stayed much longer than they actually did, milking overtime. Employees have become astute at knowing which forms of employee theft are most likely to go undetected.

Sleeping on the job
Stop Employees From Stealing Time at Work!Sleeping on the job is very common. Approximately 29 percent of employees reporting napping on their jobs. The napping issue is easiest for employees who work in cubicles or have offices. Some employees find discreet locations throughout the facility to quietly rest, knowing that those areas are rarely checked by management.

Biometric Time Recording Assists Management

Employers cannot control all types of theft. No sane employer would want to devote that kind of time to policing every employee activity. It would be impractical and would hinder their own progress where their individual projects and work responsibilities were concerned. There are some things that can be done to curb this activity like implementing biometric time recording. Implementing biometric time recording is another way to address the problem. Biometric time recording make it difficult to punch in another employee. An employee’s fingerprint cannot be duplicated using biometric time recording solutions.

Employers have to be vigilant in protecting their profitability by being mindful of the time theft issue. An employer may not have the time to watch any employee around the clock; what person would want to juggle that responsibility across an entire staff of employees? Instead, an employer may implement little measures like Internet monitoring software and biometric time recording. Solutions like biometric time recording make it easier to better detect trends.

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