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Employees who are often absent may be dissatisfied with the job. They may be experiencing some sort of personal issue that may be affecting their ability to meet their work obligations. Whatever the reason for chronic absenteeism, employees who are frequently absent often affect the company in many ways. Absenteeism affects the business in several ways.

Do you understand their aptitude?
The problem with the absent employee is that it becomes increasingly difficult to fully understand their aptitude. The employee’s responsibilities may have to be altered to accommodate the chronic absenteeism once the simple attendance software report is ran showing they are absent. That employee’s responsibilities may be frequently reassigned. Temporary employees may have to be constantly used to meet the gap. This means that there is less time available to fully assess the capabilities of the employee. You may find it hard to understand the range of the employee’s skillset.

And in this corner …
Team members have to step up and cover the responsibility of the missing employee. This means that some members will have to stay later than they want to help meet fast-approaching deadlines. Employees are more likely to have issues with burnout and feeling overworked. Job dissatisfaction can reach an all-time high. Employee engagement lowers, and conflict can become problematic. Factions form, and conflict ensues, causing diminished morale. Conflict is detrimental to the organization. The simple attendance software will likely show that employees are working more overtime than they normally would.

Delays … time is ticking
Compare an employee’s attendance record in simple attendance software with their ability to meet deadlines. An employee that misses work is going to have a harder time reaching their deadlines. They have to be filled in constantly on the latest developments. The timeline has to be consistently pushed back as a result due to the missed opportunities to advance the project. A product that wasn’t complete online may not make it to the customer in time, causing dissatisfaction. A customer cannot be penalized for the employee’s shortcomings. Projects don’t make deadlines. Products don’t make it in time. Other employees lose time on their work catching the employee up on new developments.

Profits suffer
Fingerprint Clock in SystemProductivity is what drives revenue for most companies. It may become increasingly difficult to see any increases in profits when simple attendance software reports indicate that absenteeism has become a systemic problem. Absenteeism reduces profit margins because more resources are diverted toward overtime, temporary staffers, and contract workers. It also drives down revenue because companies have less time to meet their milestones. This can affect the company’s revenue.

Handling the time issue

First, there needs to be information gathered to fully understand the problem. The simple attendance software can provide extensive reporting to help you get a handle on the attendance problem. Once you have ran the reports available with the simple attendance software, you are prepared to bring the issue to the attention of the employee. You will want to understand what’s going on and create expectations using the simple attendance software reports. You can choose to issue a warning letter or a verbal warning.

Monitoring employee attendance with simple attendance software makes it easier to track attendance problems. You can create an action plan to address the problem directly with the employee. Once the issue is addressed, productivity, employee morale, and profitability could be improved among team members.

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