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The days of the old mechanical clock punch are gone. In this new age of information technology, there’s no room for outdated means of time accountability. MinuteHound offers affordable, effective and simple time accounting for your business, regardless of its size or function. This revolutionary clock punch software is able to record employees coming and going, and far more. Read on to see how MinuteHound clock punch software sets itself apart from the pack.

– MinuteHound is entirely digital and uses no mechanical parts that can break down or be tampered with. All data is stored “in the cloud,” so even computer failure, power surges, fire and natural disasters will not compromise stored clock punch data.

– Data is saved remotely with 128-bit encryption. This means that only the MinuteHound administrator can access clock punch data. It is safe from interference at the office and from the Internet.

– There is no need to keep time cards or paper records. This reduces clutter, increases ease of use and helps the environment. It also reduces your business’ overhead significantly. Never worry about losing an important clock punch record again.

– MinuteHound is a “smart” time keeping system that alerts the administrator when an employee clocks in late or leaves early. These messages can be sent via e-mail or text message.

– MinuteHound’s meticulous recording and Internet connectivity means that it is virtually impossible for employees to steal time from the workplace. All logins are performed using biometric fingerprint scanning, so no employee can tamper with another’s time record.

– MinuteHound is easy to install and set up. It has no learning curve and no expensive hardware requirements. Simply plug the biometric fingerprint pad into an available USB port on a designated office computer, connect that “clock punch” computer to the Internet and install the software. Because it is easy for even a novice to set up, businesses without a dedicated IT department will be up and running in no time.

– Due to its storage of data in the “cloud,” clock punch records can be accessed anywhere in the world from any Internet-connected device. Due to its industry-standard encryption, this data can only be accessed by authorized parties. In addition, since these clock punch records are stored at a remote data center, there is no need to keep local backups. This saves time, money and eliminates the risk of a lost backup disk.

MinuteHound is offered with around the clock technical support and a lifetime money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk. Bring your time accounting into the 21st century today with MinuteHound!

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