What Is A Biometric Time and Attendance System?

Time and Attendance is Crucial, but Why?

What is one of the biggest problems facing any business? For most, the big problem they face is keeping track of time and attendance using outdated forms of tracking, including a traditional time clock. If you had the chance to save around five percent on your payroll costs, you would obviously take it for the cost of just pennies per day. MinuteHound is a new way of recording time and attendance which limits the abuse of your payroll and makes it easy for you to keep your staffing levels correct at all times.

The MinuteHound process is an easy one and begins with you ordering the console used to record time and attendance among your staff. Once hooked up to any computer at your site, this biometric time and attendance system scans the fingerprint of each employee and stores the information away safely in the Cloud. From there, your employees simply scan their finger each time they arrive or leave the job site.

A biometric time and attendance system have many benefits for your company, including giving you the chance to put to rest the issue of payroll abuse among your workers. Firstly, the system of, so-called “buddy punching” has been a problem for employers for many years and sees one employee “clock in” for multiple members of your staff. Not only is this illegal, but it also costs you money every time you pay your employees for attending work when they were not present.

Time and Attendance Is More Than Just Recording Hours

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Time and Attendance Management
By allowing you to study reports based on the MinuteHound program, you will find the amount of time spent completing your payroll duties is drastically reduced, saving you time and money. The real-time nature of MinuteHound also allows you to spend less time working on staffing levels as you can see exactly who is working at any time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This is not to say your information is not secure. In fact, the 128-bit encryption method used by MinuteHound keeps all employee information safe through the time of transfer and when stored in the Cloud. With the time and attendance aspect of your business handled and no longer an issue, you will be free to concentrate on other areas of your company and drive it towards greater success. Profitability should be affected positively by the MinuteHound time and attendance software. Your employees will not feel the need to spend large amounts of time working out their attendance which costs companies around 20 minutes per day on average as employees worry about the accuracy of their time sheets.

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