How Biometric Time and Attendance is Shaping Small Business in Florida

Florida Business Technology in Action: Biometric Time and Attendance

How would you like to save 5-8 percent on payroll costs by investing pennies per day? Business owners and managers agree that’s an ROI they need. Imagine what your business or department could do with that money? If your payroll averages $500,000 per year, that’s $25,000 saved. You could invest that money in a needed new employee, machine, or supplies. You could use that money to generate more profits.

Efficiency provides the key to business success. In today’s competitive economy, inefficient companies quickly fall behind. Efficient competitors move ahead because they lower production costs. They then invest that savings in additional process efficiencies. Technology plays a crucial role in efficiency now. In the coming years, its influence will grow stronger.

Time clock inefficiency has plagued businesses since time clocks were invented. Time clocks have been around since the 1800s. Little has been done to fix the inefficiencies of time-clock systems until now.

Time and Attendance for Florida Business Owners

MinuteHound uses up-to-date technology to save companies on their payroll costs. The MinuteHound system logs time and attendance using biometric technology. An employee simply presses his or her fingerprint into the scanner. The system records the time and attendance. For security, the system converts the fingerprint into code. MinuteHound protects privacy because it records codes, rather than fingerprints, into the system.

Time and AttendanceTime theft plagues old fashioned time and attendance recording systems. Employees clock in and out for other employees. Time exceptions remain unnoticed until it’s too late. For example, employees gain unearned time by clocking in early and clocking out late. When you manage hourly employees, you know how this hurts the payroll budget. You also know the headaches it creates. In addition, the MinuteHound system tracks where employees are when clocked in. Managers see in real time if employees are where they need to be.

MinuteHound makes time theft a thing of the past. Employees can forget about clocking in and out for each other. They also can’t take extra brakes without being noticed. The biometric nature of the system makes these actions impossible. Time exceptions result in an immediate email or text notification to management. No more unauthorized overtime.

New and Modern Time Saving Technology

Tracking time and attendance the old fashioned way takes time away from managers that can be better used elsewhere. MinuteHound simplifies the process by generating a report automatically. No more late nights computing time and attendance. MinuteHound does the job.

Small businesses all over Florida are embracing biometric technology to improve time and attendance efficiency. They are choosing MinuteHound because it provides security and ease of use. With 128-bit encryption to transfer data and no training required, it’s an easy decision. In no time at all, MinuteHound saves your business big bucks on time and attendance.

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