How Can An Employer Stop Employees From Buddy Punching?

How Can An Employer Stop Employees From Buddy Punching?

For companies suffering losses to buddy punching, seeing the benefits of fingerprint time clocks shouldn’t be hard. For starters, it reduces time spent adjusting errors. Most companies reported losses from time clock issues, notably buddy punching. Larger companies face huge annual losses as this lack of integrity chips at their revenues.

The system prevents employees from using buddy punching to clock in before they arrive. The outcome is workers who show up at their scheduled times. With buddy punching resolved, you can log into your database from anywhere and view an accurate snapshot of your staffing. For associates, its ease of use means less time punching in and more time spent performing company-related tasks.

At least 43-percent of employees commit time theft. The problem is employers either don’t know it occurs or they are unequipped to monitor employee activity. With this fingerprint technology in place, whenever buddy punching occurs, you will know. Minutehound time clocks collect detailed reports of exceptions that occur during the pay period. And you’ll receive daily alerts when an employee leaves early or clocks in late.

Stop Buddy Punching Easily

In addition to buddy punching, the system reduces processing time, which saves your company money. It also automates complex operations performed during shift changes. Fewer overrides means increased accuracy of employee payouts. As an added benefit, the system also tracks payroll changes and reports improvements that occur.

Finger Punching Attendance MachineThe system is virtually hacker-proof. Yes, the software is cloud-based, but people will have a difficult time gaining access to data for two reasons. First, fingerprints are used to confirm identity and then discarded. They are never stored and they can’t be linked to personal data. Second, the system uses 128-bit encryption to protect company information. Employers have been finding a wide range of uses for this feature. For instance, it can be used to restrict access, in certain areas, to unauthorized persons.

Save Money. Increase Profits

Most employers would like to trust their staff, but the fact is buddy punching is real. The best solution for improving accountability is enhanced tracking strategies. Although most workers are honest, you can always count on a few to manipulate punch times. The bottom line is you need your business to operate as it was intended. That can’t happen unless associates are present during their shifts. What fingerprint tech essentially does is ensure buddy punching is no longer an option.

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