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MinuteHound Saves Companies Money on Labor Costs

The cost of running a business is at an all-time high due to labor costs. These expenditures account for a large chunk of each year’s budget. An important key to managing a successful company involves controlling the employee time theft problem that haunts businesses everywhere.

Today’s modern technology has lead MinuteHound to develop a finger scanning system that accurately tracks employees. It is based around a fingerprint recognition program that is done during the clocking in and out process. A simple scan is all it takes to cut labor costs.

Plug and Go

The scanner itself is a plug and go system. It just plugs into a USB port, and along with a simple download, it is ready to go. The biometric fingerprint of each employee is entered into the program and turned into a number. The data is then securely stored in one of several severs located around the world.

One of the reasons businesses everywhere are turning to MinuteHound is to eliminate employee fraud and buddy punching. These two practices are the main cause of high labor costs. Businesses have found that MinuteHound allows them to monitor their employee’s times in a more effective manner.

MinuteHound is a wise financial investment. It is affordable and pays for itself in a short amount of time. Managers notice a significant decrease in labor costs from the very beginning. Attendance records are easy to access and changes can be made quickly.

Good Bye Time Cards

Go Green With A Biometric Punch Card SystemTime cards are a thing of the past with MinuteHound. Dealing with the cards was a time consuming process that no one wanted to deal with. Having all the labor costs just a click away makes handling payroll easier and quicker than ever before. MinuteHound helps business go green by eliminating the old fashion paper time cards and providing all information online. The world is a cleaner healthier place to live with the help of MinuteHound. Less waste saves money and helps with long term labor costs.

All of the information that is viewed through the MinuteHound software is done in real time. This lets managers save on labor costs by seeing who is working. Remote access is available through any internet computer. This allows them to make changes to the schedule from anywhere. The MinuteHound system gives users email alerts when needed.

Customer Service

MinuteHound wants all of their customers to be totally satisfied with their products. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on their scanner. MinuteHound takes great pride in helping businesses save on labor costs through their innovative technology. Their customer service staff is available to answer any questions on how MinuteHound saves businesses money.

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