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The Modern Way to Improve Attendance at the Workplace

The modern workplace is characterized by the use of technology to improve efficiency and productivity. However, many companies are still grappling with the need to enhance personnel work attendance. Many of these companies face issues related to punctuality. They lack practical and cost-effective methods of keeping the attendance and timeliness of their employees in check.

This is the reason why labor costs are high. MinuteHound came up with the biometric fingerprint reader with a cloud-based attendance software known as the MinuteHound time clock. In doing so, MinuteHound adequately addressed the needs of such companies. This software is accessible from any location through the internet.

It is a labor costs solution which can identify employees using biometric fingerprint data. It provides top class security and safeguards the employee’s fingerprint images by not storing the data. This software handles the workload done by the accounting departments of many companies by making payroll easier.

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It eliminates the need of time-card cleanups because the clock in data is acquired through employee identification. It also provides a wide range of formats for the attendance reports which can be uploaded to the existing payroll systems. Moreover, this innovation can generate text messages and email alerts that identify late or early employee scans. It also generates real-time reports. The fingerprint scanner is easy to install up to about 54 feet from a computer which gives it flexibility.

The Minutehound time and attendance clock is a useful tool for eliminating the labor costs theft of time from the workplace by employees. It is also cloud-based which is useful in making live reporting a reality. This can be done from any location around the world through the internet connection. Since one does not need time cards, MinuteHound becomes a very cost-effective tool to use.

Fingerprint ClockThe system’s labor costs security is watertight because it uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. Furthermore, one does not need any training or guidance to use the labor costs system since it is a plug and play software.

Ease of Use. Easy to Save.

MinuteHound also offers a web-based option labor costs software that is cloud-based but without a scanner. This labor costs option allows employees to record reporting and leaving time from any PC, smartphone, Mac or iPad. So long as the device is internet enabled, an employee can login using a PW or UN to generate reporting or leaving time. The beauty of the software is that it has a timestamp to record the IP address in any login. This enables the employer to know the actual location of the employee.

Even though this labor costs option is not as foolproof as biometrics, it is nevertheless, cheaper. The reason is that no scanner is needed to record time. The Minutehound time and attendance software are risk-free without any obligations. The customer support team is always on standby to offer the required support.

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