How Does A Fingerprint Time Clock Help Employees?

How Effective is a Fingerprint Time Clock?

As technology advances as does the world of time and attendance. The punch cards of yesterday are quickly being replaced with futuristic alternatives. As of late, Biometric technology has gained notoriety. The most popular biometric has been fingerprint time clocks. Many benefits come from using fingerprint time clocks for your business. From reducing time theft to best in class record keeping modern time and attendance, solutions are an obvious choice for business owners.

What about employees?
When selecting a modern time and attendance system, it is crucial to consider your employees. While the benefits of fingerprint time clock for employers are obvious, what about the benefits for workers?

Ease of use.

Fingerprint time clocks are easy to use! The ease of use of fingerprint time clocks is a huge benefit to employees. Not having to remember usernames, or keep track of swipe cards is liberating. A suitable fingerprint time clock allows workers to clock in merely by resting a finger on a scanner for seconds. Allowing workers to focus on work.

Healthier peer to peer relationships.
Unfortunately, buddy punching is prevalent. Being asked to punch in for a co-worker who is running a few minutes late is a common occurrence. Most workers asked to buddy punch feel trapped. If they refuse to buddy punch for a co-worker, they risk their relationship. If they get pressured into buddy punching, they may begin to resent the person they buddy punched for. Very few employees feel comfortable stealing from their employer, and buddy punching is no different.

Fingerprint time clocks eliminate buddy punching. To clock in, employees must place their finger on a scanner. Meaning, your employees don’t have to put up with buddy punching requests. Keeping your employees happy and money in your wallet.

Better relationship with the boss.
Online Punch Clock: Connect from Anywhere!Knowing that your boss isn’t worried about time theft is a relief. Historically, the best way to reduce time theft was through overbearing oversight. No longer! Fingerprint scanners allow employees the ability to clock in without the feeling of someone looking over their shoulder. Creating an atmosphere of trust between employer and employee.

A Fingerprint Time Clock Is Positive and Keeps Everyone Happy

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